Touring Greece like a Local Part 3

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If you missed parts 1 and 2 of Angie H's Touring Greece Like a Local then head HERE!

Picking up where we left off from part 2 our drive back to the hotel after dinner passed us by this beautiful sunflower field with all its backs to the sunset giving me their faces as we watched it set from the roof of the car.  

Life is good.

Life is good.

Oh I almost forgot to finish off our dinner at the beach!
It was hard to beat!

Greece 8.jpg
Greece 7.jpg

Oh and where did we stay at while on this trip?
Here is where we stayed a few nights this time.  It was great.  Clean rooms, really nice staff, great coffee and drinks by the pool, nice little pool after the hot day at the beach and right in the town of Afytos. 

My plan is to have an entire page on Hashtag 59 of each place of all kinds of great travel spots in Greece so you can explore the entire country.   I'll just keep writing and taking pictures and hopefully you will keep enjoying them!

I'll sign off with the flag of Greece for now!

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What parts of Greece do you want to see next?
Let me know if the comments and I'll do my best, and sign up in the email footer like I did to try to win one of those Hashtag 59 Photo Prints!  Maybe one will be from Greece!

Because Adventure Travel Feeds the Soul,

Angie H and the Hashtag 59 Team