2018 Hashtag 59 Vision and What to Expect

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The above picture is me (Mike R) and Amy K at my book launch party in November. (Outside of Hashtag 59'ing it I'm also a digital marketing entrepreneur and 3 time author.

Today's blog is to give you a little bit about what our vision and plan for 2018 is and what you can expect if you choose to hang around with us in this community!
First off I'd like to say Happy New Year to you and yours!

I started Hashtag59 on my marketing blog as an idea that I had back in the spring and summer of 2017.  I had thought about starting some type of travel blog for years but hadn't quite hit on what or how it should be or if people would be interested in it.
I landed on the name Hashtag59 in tribute to America's 59 National Parks which is where I spend a large part of my domestic travels.  I wasn't sure where it was going to go or if anybody would care but not only did I receive thumbs up from people on the test but my friend Amy (we went to THE Ohio State University together eons ago!) reached out and said she'd love to be a part of it.
Little did she know I'd not only want to take her up on writing but a handshake agreement on being partners in crime for everything that Hashtag59 becomes.

So....here we are.  We are a few months in and it's our first "new year" in the infancy of Hashtag59.
Without further ado here's what we have for ya:

Hashtag59 Vision:
1. To be a supportive community of open hearted and helpful outdoor adventure travelers.  We want to encourage others to experience adventure travel, the great outdoors, and help everyone make their trips and travels as memorable as possible.
2. To get offline!  The blogs are going to keep on churning and so are all the social media pics but we want to hang out face to face and get outside.
3. Be unique and valuable.  We don't want you to not know who is behind the camera or the content.  We want to share the stories of our ourselves as people and we hope that is a unique angle for you to enjoy.  We also want to be valuable...we want you to learn something new, connect with someone different, and find something inspiring every time you come to our website, one of our events, or scroll through our Instagram feed.


We can't wait to get this pennant out on the trail from  Uptown Heritage Co!

We can't wait to get this pennant out on the trail from Uptown Heritage Co!

Hashtag59 2018: What to expect!
1. Continued curation of content in the forms of written blogs from various writers focused on adventure travel experiences, the great outdoors, and the National Parks.
2. Social media content, on Instagram and Pinterest specifically, of other amazing pics and finds from the travel space.
3. A podcast!  We will be launching it later this month.
4. Winter Hikes! We have one planned for January 21st HERE and we'll have more as the year goes.
5. Contests :). Sign up for our email list and you'll get entered for quarterly prints and we'll be doing more themed fun like we did for our Opt Outside Contest in November.  Take part, it will be a blast!
6. More experiential events and outdoor trips!
We are going to partner with our friends from HERO USA this summer (starting Cinco de Mayo weekend actually!) for some river cleanups, kayaking, and paddle board fun. We are also going to have two day trip events leaving Columbus Ohio that you'll be able to come along with us on (dates and itineraries TBD for now!) and as we travel around the country we'll have occasional hiking and outdoor meetups to connect with everyone from outside of Central Ohio!
7. A VIP Travel Club. We are still ironing out some of the details but it's going to involve you getting amazing surprises shipped to your house and our vacay planner services packaged together for you to have "a trip of a lifetime" every time you go somewhere!

What do you think? What are you excited for?
Comment below and get on our email list if you haven't yet in the footer!

We are excited for a fun year filled with adventure and the outdoors and YOU :).

Because Adventure Travel Feeds the Soul,
Mike, Amy, and the Hashtag 59 Team