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What is Hashtag 59 all about and why does it exist?

My name is Mike and I am a wanderlust, avid hiker, and frequent traveler.  It's what I spend a large chunk of my disposable income on and it’s my favorite past time.  I also get to travel a lot because my wife and I both have business travel opportunities and we use “travel hacking” to our advantage to secure free flights/hotels at times.
We also have family in California, Iowa, Tennessee, Maryland, Florida, and Nebraska and good friends in Washington, Hawaii, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Arkansas, Michigan, New York, Illinois, Virginia, Wyoming, England, and The Philippines among other places, so travel is part of the life that we have if we want to spend time with people we care about.

I enjoy all types of adventure and traveling.  Whether it’s with my wife, on a “boys” trip, or even solo when that arises the open road or the International flight are always calling my name!

I often thought about starting a travel blog but I honestly did not know where to begin.  There are so many incredible ones out there and if I did something I would want to fill a gap rather than just being another blogger talking about 10 ways to travel to Thailand on the cheap or other popular yet readily available topics.

My biggest travel love and reason I do it is to hike, get outside, and there’s no better way to do that in the United States than to visit one, a dozen, or every one of the 59 National Parks.
That’s where Hashtag 59 got its name from.

Hashtag 59’s site and content though will be so much more than this.  My friend since college Amy and I have teamed up to be the co-curators of Hashtag 59.  We also have a group of fellow adventurers and travelers that are going to be contributors.

What kind of content can you expect?

First off you can expect LOTS of content.  Both on this blog, our podcast (that’s coming very soon!), and on our social media handles.
The theme of Hashtag 59 is to understand and know that everyone travels a little differently.  We go to different places, like different things, and want different outcomes from our adventures and travels.
One thing we all have in common though is that travel feeds the soul and breaks down barriers.  We will show you the beauty, ins and outs, how to’s, tips, and iconic images/events/opportunities for all 59 U.S. National Parks, the remaining 417 designated National Park sites, all 50 states, and explorations whenever possible in all 195 countries.

We have more in common than we all realize I believe and Hashtag 59 is here to help you get all that you can out of your adventures and travels.  They will be different for everyone and we love and accept that; but we have a vision to make sure that every trip you take is a “once in a lifetime.”

That’s what you can expect from Hashtag 59.  A commitment to making sure you have a memorable experience every time you set a foot outside of your house.  And that adventure and travel is everywhere if you open your eyes and allow yourself to see it.

Hashtag 59 is not just a website but rather it is a community.   Amy, myself, and the contributors are here to give you what you want to know, need, and crave in the adventure and travel world.
Be sure to give us feedback whenever you feel you have value to add to us!

Hashtag 59 is a chance to connect, share, and experience views of adventure and travel that typically are not talked about.

And we have a prints page HERE.  If you want to get entered to win a framed and signed Hashtag 59 print each quarter make sure you sign up below in our newsletter sign up.

I’m stoked to get the Hashtag 59 party started and hope you are too.
Thanks again for being here and reading this.  Shares are most welcomed.  We’ll have new content starting tomorrow!

Spread Good Vibes, Demand the Best from yourself, Carpe Diem