Columbus Speed Skating


Not every adventure destination is outside, or far away. Columbus Speed Skating is a great reminder of how adventure is anywhere we choose to let it be and that there is a variety of ways for us to stay healthy and active in our lives!
The Olympics might be over but there's still plenty of opportunities to partake in the Olympic Sports each and every day!

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Want to see what the Columbus Speed Skating experience is like on video? Check out their recent feature on Columbus Ohio's ABC TV Station HERE! 

Are you ready to join the fun in person and try it out? 
Here's what one of the members Ray T has to say.
"We have Olympic day coming up on Saturday March 10. It's a free 2hour clinic from 9-11am where you sign up on our website, and then you come and we fit you for rental skates, give you coaching, and teach you speed skating on the ice, so we've been getting the word out about this event." 

If you missed out on this event check out their FB Group HERE for all future opportunities.

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Don't wait until the next Olympics to join Ray T and The Columbus Speed Skaters, or any other non mainstream sport.  The Renegade Sportsman is a great read to get you enthused about the underground renegade adult sports opportunities available to us in the world!

Quick facts about the Columbus Speed Skaters:

-Our club has been around since 2002

-Our founding coach was world record holder and olympian Charlie King

-Fastest human-powered sport in the world

-Speedskating has won more medals for Team USA than any other winter sport (67)

-Non-contact, low-impact on the joints, family friendly (you can skate alongside your kid, rather than watching them from the stands)

-We have skaters as young as 7 and those in their late 50s of all ability levels and ambitions

What are you waiting for? Let's get on the ice!
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Because Adventure Travel Feeds the Soul,
Ray T, The Columbus Speed Skaters, and The Hashtag 59 Team