Exploring Cape Cod National Seashore

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When you think of states known for pristine beaches and shoreline perhaps Massachusetts does not enter your head. However those that have been to Cape Cod’s National Seashore in MA would certainly beg to differ!
Join us on another photo blog driven account of Cape Cod through the eyes of the Modern Day Explorer Seth B. For all of Seth’s adventure photos make sure you check him out HERE on flickr. He gets around!

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Per the NPS website:
"A man may stand there and put all America behind him." Henry David Thoreau

The great Outer Beach described by Thoreau in the 1800s is protected within the national seashore. Forty miles of pristine sandy beach, marshes, ponds, and uplands support diverse species. Lighthouses, cultural landscapes, and wild cranberry bogs offer a glimpse of Cape Cod's past and continuing ways of life. Swimming beaches and walking and biking trails beckon today's visitors.

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Another item you might not think of in this area is Great White Sharks. South Africa, California, and Australia typically get all the buzz but this region of the country was actually the inspiration for the 70’s cult classic movie JAWS. It was the Northeast of America not Australia that was having shark attack problems. Even now in the Cape Cod area three great white shark bites have occurred since 2012 and there was one fatality in 2018. For a list of FAQ’s on shark safety per the NPS site head HERE for more details.

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There are many adventures to be had in Cape Cad. You can hike, paddle or canoe with a ranger, strike out on your own for a sunrise or sunset run, go fishing, or even in some areas take an over sand beach drive if you have the right type of car. Or if you prefer the volleyball match or lounging by the water you can make it as relaxing or as active of a trip as you would like!

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Cape Cod National Seashore is just another prime example of the diversity and options we have within our 400 plus National Parks System within the US. It has striking beauty and conservation just as much as many other places but not one that always comes to mind.
The next time you are looking for a beach vacation within the parks that might be one that not many think of outside of the Eastern seaboard in the country perhaps give Cape Cod National Seashore a consideration!

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Thanks for reading, have you been here? Leave your comments below!

Because Adventure Travel Feeds the Soul,
Seth B and the Hashtag 59 Team

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