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First a reminder: Our long form podcasts are now released on the last day of each month.
We also are doing shorter form podcast profiles of our guests prior to each release if they are new to the show!

This month we discuss “Community Events”. Specifically we share all of the info for our 2019 Kayak River Cleanups with HERO USA and beyond that we share best practices for how to create a similar type event in your area and why you should consider doing it.
We also share best practices for going green and conserving our planet that has worked well for us.

We hope you enjoy the Community Events Podcast! Special thanks to Hopewell Works our recording sponsor! If you live in Central Ohio and want to join us on the water in 2019 sign up HERE!

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Show Notes from this Episode:
1. Special thanks to our sponsor Pacifico Beer and our partners on this event One80OutSupply and Cliff Original.
2. Everyone in attendance will receive a “Keep Columbus Clean” Tee from One80Out.
3. Everyone in attendance will also be entered to win a Standup Paddleboard from Pacifico!
4. Reducing what you use can be just as important as recycling.
5. Our best practices for starting a community event are as follows:
-Pick a cause that is important to you and to the community.
-Partner with 2-4 other like minded groups that can help you promote it and want to grow with you in creating a community event.
-Over plan all of the logistics from how you promote as a Facebook event to having waivers and detailed parking locations.
-Make sure you are covered on waivers, liability insurance, and have venues secured.
-Turn the event into an experience with little extras like giveaways, food, and a talk about where the money you raise will be going.
-Do surveys to find out from past attendees how the future events can be improved.
-Have fun and know that it takes a LOT of work but it’s well worth it to create something special for your community and raise awareness about important causes!

Thanks for tuning in to our Community Events Podcast!
What would you consider a fun community event you have attended?
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