Voyaging at Voyageurs National Park

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Not all of America’s National Parks are mountains or canyons. The more you explore them the more you discover that there’s much more variety to them in terms of your outdoor adventure options than just a hike and a picnic.
As part of the quest to visit all 61 of them I have witnessed and really began to appreciate the variety and diversity the parks have to offer. Check out all of my adventure photography albums HERE and come along to Northern Minnesota on a voyage to Voyageurs National Park on the American/Canadian border!

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When you think of Minnesota you likely do have thoughts of lakes and the woods. But how about amazing kayaking, ice fishing, bird watching, backpacking, and more? This is part of the splendor of Voyageurs National Park in Minnesota.
Per the National Park’s website:
”With over 40% of the park water, Voyageurs is a maze of interconnected water highways. Plan ahead before coming to this water park by bringing your own watercraft, reserving a watercraft, or taking a park ranger boat tour.”

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As you can see from the photos of this bald eagle the wildlife watching opportunities are amazing. Depending on what you are doing though be careful about food storage; the black bears are popular and rampant in the area!
There are several options for how to stay when you visit. You can tent camp, sleep on a boat, or stay in one of the several nearby local towns like International Falls.

And the eagle takes flight.

And the eagle takes flight.

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Another random activity to do in Voyageurs would be to take a paddle experience in a birch-bark canoe like the early explorers of the area. You can do this at Rainy Lake.

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There’s endless adventure in this park and so much to see and do. Being here in different seasons would give you an absolutely different perspective as well. The frozen lakes in the winter along with the ice fishermen would be absolutely 180 degrees from my trip. Summers are short here and winters are long and while the park has very limited activities here during the time if you are a tried and true wilderness folk then maybe an even wilder adventure awaits you.

Comment below if you have been to this park and have a favorite activity to share? Thanks for reading!

Seth B and the Hashtag 59 Team

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