Holiday Ideas for the International Traveler

The holidays are fast approaching and we have a series of posts coming to you that involve good gift ideas for the adventure traveler, national park enthusiast, city/small town traveler, international traveler and photographer in your life! Next up is our list of ideas for the International Traveler in your life.


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  1. Give the gift of sleep! An Eye Mask is a needed essential item to be able to sleep on an overnight or long-haul flight! I like this one because it sits above your eyes, allowing them to move during REM sleep. Cost: $14.50

  2. Google Headphones translate 40 different langauges for real time! 

  3. Upgrade their suitcase or carry-on! I purchased a Tom Bihn Aeronaut 45 4 years ago and never looked back. Every time I think I can't possibly fit my entire life in a carry-on for 2 weeks, Tom proves me wrong! Cost: $295

  4. When traveling across multiple continents, it's easier to get an all-in-one travel adapter these days then only carrying the one you need. This one looks amazing and (hint, hint), I could use an upgrade! Cost: $12.50

  5. Why not give the gift of water this holiday season? Donate to Charity Water on someone’s behalf! Cost: Priceless

  6. Books for the long-haul flight: Mike's pick is Start Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie (the founder of TOMS). Amy's pick is The Power, a fictional book where gender politics takes a front seat.  Cost: $17

  7. Chris Burkard Iceland DVD for the adventure traveler on your list! A film project documenting the journey to the most remote corner of Iceland in the middle of winter in search of perfect surf. A few days in, the worst storm in twenty-five years blows through and shuts down the country, turning the search for waves into a life-threatening prospect. $6.99

  8. A Kindle is a must-have for people traveling who love to read! $119

  9. Eagle Creek Packing Cubes are the ultimate time-saver and organization tool for packing. $10-$40

Hope this gives you some great ideas for the holiday season!  If you have any questions about any of the above items or you want to add in one of your own faves put a comment below!

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Thanks for being a part of our community.  We appreciate YOU!  Do you have anything you would add?  Comment below!

Because Adventure Travel Feeds the Soul,
Amy, Mike, and the Hashtag 59 Team