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What is Hashtag 59?
Hashtag 59 is an outdoor adventure community that specializes in creating content for our readers and listeners (blog and podcast), hosting events (kayak river cleanups, group hikes, and more), being hired to implement team outings for companies (body, mind, and soul activities), and giving our community a unique way to engage and be a part of the fun (contests, guest articles, authentic social media channels, and more.)

Who is Hashtag 59?
Hashtag 59 was created by Mike Rudd and co-founded with Amy Karnes but they have gathered a community of wanderlusts, vagabonds, renegades, entrepreneurs, creatives, and lovers of all things outdoors to share their adventure and travel stories with you.

What does Hashtag 59 mean?
Hashtag 59 got its name from the fact that there were 59 National Parks in the United States (there are 61 now but we aren’t changing our name!) when we created it and that was in homage to the parks being our gateway to adventure travel growing up.
The Hashtag 59 community extends across the globe and beyond the National Parks.
After all at Hashtag 59 Travel is a way of life.

In Closing:
Mark Twain said “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” Hashtag 59 yearns to make that quote come alive 24-7/365. Thanks for the interest in Hashtag 59, stick around for the adventures we’d love to have ya!


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