Iceland: The Final Chapter: Top 5 Random Reasons To Go


After taking you around the Ring Road of Iceland with us for 8 days we are finished with our mega road trip.  If you missed this journey head HERE for part one and work forward in the blog archives!
I'd like to leave you with my top 5 reasons you should go to Iceland that people don't talk about!

It's easy to tell you for the waterfalls, geysers, mudpits, and more, which are all amazing. I'm going more off the beaten path here for you to give you a different take on why you should go.

1. The Kindness
We walked into strangers homes on the road and were given hiking maps of their backyards.  Waitresses poured us extra large glasses of wine because we said hello terribly in their language. Locals shared tidbits and tricks that we would have never found had they not chose to be so forthright with the information.  Their was an overwhelming sense of kindness in the country.
That's a good thing people!!


2. Rediscover the Open Road
The great American Road Trip is alive and well for those that choose to embark on it.  So much other travel though is done in cities, via trains, and even in America by plane as you go.  In Iceland you get the chance to land somewhere, take one road, and drive the F out of it.  All the way across the country.  Long road trips make you a better person after going on them I firmly believe and they are damn fun while you are on it so why not take the plunge and rediscover what it's like to go on a mega road trip?!

3. The Food
If you want to spring for it they had some of the best fish and lamb I have ever tasted in my entire life.  I would say 4 of my top 5 meals I had in 2016 happened in 8 days in Iceland.  Look up trip advisor or Yelp when you arrive in a town and head to one of the top picks, then let the server recommend what to eat.  The hot dogs at the gas station were passed on by me.  But the restaurant food...mmmmm!


4. No wild or dangerous animals!
Look I love some of the American Parks and being able to see a bear from a distance.  But there was something comforting to me about going on a 12 mile hike in the middle of nowhere with no bear spray, eye out for snakes, or anything else dangerous to eat me or surprise me.  Reindeer, sheep, birds, and whales reign supreme but tigers, spiders, grizzly bears, copperheads, and anything else that can ruin a good hike are not to be found.  It's just a nice break from being on high alert!

5. Because LIFE IS NOW
Don't you want to go to a place that sounds so cool as Iceland?  It's the same thing for me as Costa Rica, Mongolia, and a few other choice countries.  No "New", No "United", No "Western".  Just flat out a country named after a Game of Thrones book :).  It's an amazing place and there's only excuses for why you can't or shouldn't go.
You will never have enough money, babysitters, health insurance, time, be in good enough shape, etc to do things in life that will take your breath away and bring you fully alive and aware to how incredible this one stab at life truly is.

I've lost too many people in my life and seen everyone else have the same thing happen to them (disease, natural disasters, and accidents do not only happen to the old and bored at a nursing home) to not just say YES too often and NO as little as possible.  Go on the trip of a lifetime every year you can.  Go to Iceland.  It's worth it!

If you have any questions about Iceland then put a comment below!

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Because Adventure Travel Feeds the Soul,
Mike R and the Hashtag 59 Team