Holmes County Rails to Trails


Today’s city/town travel takes us to the past.  Or at least it might seem like time has stood still in Holmes County, Ohio.

Holmes County is located in Northeast Ohio (about two hours from Columbus) and features the largest concentration of practicing Amish in the entire world!

A weekend there is a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of today’s world.  Great cheese, horse and buggies lining the street, tours of Amish farms/homes, and a chance to catch up on good books and conversation with family or friends await you in Holmes County.

This post is about the uniquely cool Holmes County Rails to Trails Bike Path!

This path is the only one in the world that allows only runners, bikers, and horse and buggies.

It extends for 15.5 miles from Fredericksburg to Killbuck Ohio and passes through amazing farm lands, towns, and wildlife sightings.

I rode the 31 mile round trip trail on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon and it was a ride I will never forget!


This is just a great reminder to me that adventure is everywhere if you search for it and seek it out.  It’s also important to note that the so called “Flyover States” of the Midwest are simply not Flyover States.  Mountains and beaches get the rave reviews but anyone who lives in America and fails to see the beauty and takes a visit to each of the 50 states is truly missing out on the uniqueness of the country.

Living in an Eyes Wide Shut mode has never served me and I’d encourage anyone choosing to skip states like Ohio, Indiana, Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa to think twice prior to making that decision.

Flyover?  More like Fly To!

What to bring on the Holmes County Rails to Trails Ride:

  1. Your bike
  2. Your Helmet
  3. Water
  4. Snacks
  5. A camera
  6. Time to enjoy it!
  7. A sense of adventure

What you will see:

  1. Other bikers
  2. Farms with gorgeous horses!


3. Beautiful sweeping views of the sky
4. Horses, Buggies, and Amish Drivers!
5. Wildlife (I saw the biggest concentration of turtles I have ever seen in my life and also saw a deer, amazing butterflies, cardinal birds, and a few slugs :)!)
6. Small Towns

Horses and Buggies are okay but cars are not!

Horses and Buggies are okay but cars are not!

Must Do:

Give yourself time to ride the whole trail!  It gives you a real sense of the area and the towns and it’s a great workout.

Halfway...time to ride back to the car!

Halfway...time to ride back to the car!

Biggest Surprise:

Cowabunga Dudes...Turtle Power!

Cowabunga Dudes...Turtle Power!

It had to be the amount of turtles…or maybe the amount of people out there on bikes riding with seemingly nowhere to be and no rush to get there!

Biggest Takeaway:

Oh easily the sore butt.  I did my 31 mile ride on a mountain bike so it took me a shade over two hours in the seat.  I took that sore butt home with me and it hung out all day!

Secret Tip:

Start in Fredericksburg where there is parking at the elementary school and the trail begins just a block from the parking lot.

Favorite Part:

Waving at the children in Amish buggies as I passed them.

All the Amish buggies lined up at a Sunday service

All the Amish buggies lined up at a Sunday service

Have you ever been to Holmes County?  Any other awesome bike rides you recommend?
Leave them in the comments below!

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Because Adventure Feeds the Soul,

Mike and The #Hashtag59 Team

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