Weekend in Brooklyn

Not in Brooklyn....the HighLine in Manhattan

Not in Brooklyn....the HighLine in Manhattan

Once known as the hipster capital of the world (it still might be, but for some reason, Clintonville in our fair city of Columbus has now stolen that title away), and before that, it was known as the working-class borough of New York City. 

New York City has five boroughs; Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and The Bronx. 
I have been to New York City a lot over the past 10 years and stayed in both Manhattan and Brooklyn, visiting friends, attending weddings, bachelorette parties and just going there for a long weekend. The last few times I have gone, I ended up staying in, or spending a majority of my time in Brooklyn. Specifically the Park Slope, Gowanus and Williamsburg areas, so it the areas to visit might be more in those areas. 

Things to Do:

  • Hang out in Prospect Park. Prospect Park is the largest park in Brooklyn and was designed by the same landscape architect that designed Central Park in Manhattan. Because of this, the layout is similar, just on a smaller scale. It’s a great place to stroll through, read a book, play frisbee or watch a friend get married. 😊
  • Stroll through boutiques on 4th or 7th Avenues in Brooklyn. I always find some unique clothes or home items!
  • Hang Out at Royal Palms Shuffle Board or Pig Beach. Depending on the weather, you can either spend the day outside at Pig Beach, an open-air bar/hang out on the Gowanus Canal or at the Royal Palms Shuffle Board hall if it’s cold and dreary outside. 
  • Check out Brooklyn Brewery. It’s a little touristy, but they have free tours and if it is 100 degrees out in the shade, pretty much the perfect spot. Grab a beer or two and pay attention during the tour. You can win tokens if you can answer the questions correctly!
  • Take the train to Coney Island. This will take you at least ½ an hour from Park Slope to Coney Island on the F Train, but it’s fun to visit. Grab a hot dog at Nathan’s and stroll the boardwalk or grab a seat in the sand and stare out into the Atlantic Ocean.
Hanging out in Prospect Park

Hanging out in Prospect Park

Places to Eat:


  • al di la Trattoria: Located in Park Slope, Al di la is an Italian restaurant with very limited seating. They have a waiting area around the corner and you can grab some wine while you wait. I highly recommend the malfatti and tagliatelle
  • Patsy’s Pizzeria: If you get sick of the NY slice pizza, check out Patsy’s for some innovative coal-fired pies. I recommend the Margherita or Polpette pizzas.
  • Xi’an’s Famous Foods: Started in Queens, this has turned into a chain of Northern Chinese restaurants throughout the metro area, so you can find them just about anywhere in the city. Also, it’s not the Chinese food you are accustomed to….it’s noodle-based and includes both cold and hot pulled noodles. Try the lamb and just remember...it's spicy!!
  • Gristmill: This comes recommended from my friends who actually live in Brooklyn! They recommend the place for brunch.
The menu from Strong Rope Brewery

The menu from Strong Rope Brewery

Places to Drink:


  • Strong Rope Brewery: Located off President Street, the owner started off as an award-winning homebrewer before starting his own brewery. Most of the beer is straightforward, but it’s a cool place that allows you to bring in food and hosts events, including chili cook-offs, yoga and beer and cheese pairings.
  • Three’s Brewing: Located between Park Slope and Gowanus, this brewery is very popular, so expect to either wait, or stand. Great beer selection and they also have food if you get hungry!
  • Freddy’s Bar: Local, dive bar located just past the expressway between Greenwood and Park Slope. They have live music in the back and cheap beer. 
The Brooklyn Brewery Tasting Room

The Brooklyn Brewery Tasting Room

Where to Stay:

I HIGHLY recommend staying in an AirBnB (if you haven't used them, here is a $40 off coupon)  if you are planning on staying in Brooklyn and not Manhattan. The area has only started to build hotels, so most of them are more expensive than a rental. If you are looking for good areas, Park Slope between the Park and 4th is a nice area, Williamsburg anywhere close to the L and Brooklyn Heights near the Brooklyn Promenade. Happy Exploring!



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