Weekend in Detroit

Old Sign from the Detroit Tigers Stadium

Old Sign from the Detroit Tigers Stadium

When I first told people I was heading to Detroit for the weekend, the common response was "why would you go to Detroit?" Well, for starters, I was judging the Marketing Communication Awards for SMPS, a professional marketing organization. Second, I am from Northwest Ohio, and we would often go up to Detroit for Tigers games, so the thought of going to Detroit didn't scare me....instead, it excited me. Ever since 2008, the area has been in a re-growth, with a number of entrepreneurs, crafters, experimenters, foodies, and makers creating a new Detroit. And, just to let you in on a little secret....it's really fun in Detroit! 

Don't be scared of heading to Downtown Detroit. It's perfectly safe and people are entirely too friendly there. When we were having dinner, we ended up chatting with the bartender who recommended a few dive bars to head into before going to the brewery we wanted to hit up.

Slows BBQ

Slows BBQ

Places to Drink:

  • The Skip: If you are looking for a place to grab a beer when you are downtown, check out The Skip. They had a large area with garage doors that can open onto the alleyway it looks out to. 
  • The Standby: This place is right next to The Skip and there is no sign. Instead, look for the gaslight outside and enter. They have classic cocktails, as well as an inventive menu. I did hear that the food is not as good as it used to be, due to a new executive chef, but we didn't eat here, so I cannot comment on the food. Get an old-fashioned.
  • Batch Brewing: This was a really cool brewery near the Corktown neighborhood. It's not on the main drag, so you do have to walk to find it, but when you do, grab a beer and a board game or two and head into the caboose! The brewery also has a really nice patio for the summer and daytime drinking.
Beers and Board Games at Batch

Beers and Board Games at Batch

Places to Eat:

  • Slows BBQ: Located in the Corktown neighborhood (near the old Tigers stadium), this is the best BBQ around! We sat at the bar and had a lively conversation with the bartender and other diners around us. Check out the pulled pork and mac and cheese for a gluttonous meal!
  • Gold Cash Gold: This is a former pawn shop (hence the name) and has a great brunch and dinner menu. Check them out for the cool space, eats and drinks!
  • Sister Pie: Disclaimer: I did not actually go here, but, if Jeni Britton Bauer (of Jeni's fame) likes them, so do I. If you are a fan of delicious pies like Dough Mama, this looks to be similar. 


There's so much more to see and do in Detroit! Let us know where you have been and some additional tips and tricks below!

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