Iceland: Four Dudes in a Van Day 2

Don't stop at Skogafoss!

Don't stop at Skogafoss!

If you missed our Day 1 post in this series read it HERE!

If you want to know why you should book a trip to Iceland ASAP just keeping reading this post.
Day Two was my favorite of the trip I believe.

Day Two Stops:

1. Breakfast at the campsite

We had to fill up before a long day outside chasing waterfalls and hiking!  About an hour drive awaited us to our first major stop.

2. Selfjandalfoss

This was an amazing waterfall and the journey behind it makes for some incredible views.  However don’t forget to mosy the half mile or so down the road past it to another “foss” that enabled a stranger to take this wild shot of us inside the waterfall cave.

Seljandelfoss Waterfall.jpg

3. Skogafoss

The big boy of waterfalls as you head east on the Ring Road towards Vik.  This foss was a relatively short drive from the first stop and we were blown away by the power of this gem.


Hike up to the top of it and then begin the journey of what I deem one of the best day hikes I have ever taken in my life.

The trail goes over 30 miles and has backpacking camp sites along the way for a multi day journey.

We chose to do about 15 miles round trip on it and it had many amazing views like the below picture created on this hike.


My friend Marc B took some of these and he’s an incredible photographer.  Many buckets of gratitude to him for allowing Hashtag 59 to use some of these in our blogs!

4. Solheimasanduer Beach/Plane Crash

Here’s a fun tidbit of history.  This US military plane crashed on Nov 24th, 1973 on this private land, no one was killed, and it still sits on the land all these decades later.

To find the parking lot drive 10 minutes past Skogafoss and on the right side of the road you’ll see a “Lakao Closed” sign.  That’s where you pull in.  Walk straight for about a 5k’s distance and you’ll run right into the plane crash.

One of my favorite parts of the trip.

Plane Crash 1.jpg


5. Vik

The charming town of Vik awaited us and with its black sand beaches, beautiful church, and charming restaurants this promised to be a Labor Day we wouldn’t forget!

We enjoyed a magnificent dinner at Suour-Vik Restaurant where I had my 2nd best piece of fish on the trip.  (Hang tight for number one!)

We put in almost 25 miles of hiking and walking so it was time to retire to chairs, stars, and tunes at the campsite!

Day Three was on the horizon…but how could it top days one and two??  Stay tuned!

Are you ready to chase some waterfalls in Iceland?

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