Destination Guide: Nashville

Broadway, where are the honky-tonks are located

Broadway, where are the honky-tonks are located

Sometimes, Southwest Airlines has a big sale….And you convince your significant other that you need to act on said deal….Mostly because you have a companion pass on said airline….And the tickets are only 5,000 points. So, you plan a trip to Nashville because, why not? You’ve never been there, have heard it’s tons of fun and found an inexpensive AirBnB for the 2 nights. So, come along with us as we take you to Nashville!

Things to Do:

Ryman Auditorium
  • Take in a Show and Tour the Ryman Auditorium: The Ryman Auditorium was the fifth location of the original Grand Ole Opry between 1943-1974 before it was moved to Opryland. Starting in late November each year they have a “Opry at the Ryman” with anywhere from 5-7 country music artists playing short sets. We, unfortunately, did not have tickets and they were not doing tours the days we were in town. Our friend who lives in Nashville said to find someone playing a show there that you want to see and plan your next trip around that. Good tip! 

  • Go Bar Hopping on Broadway – But Maybe do This During the Day: While I am all for having fun, I think my days of hanging off the rafters at bars are behind me (my friends joke that I am “lights out at 10”), so unless you want to party with all the bachelorettes, stick to hanging out on Broadway during the day. When we stopped in Tootsie’s at 1 on a Thursday, there were already 60-80 people there and the street was starting to get crowded. Need an itinerary? Start at the historic Tootsie’s Orchid House, walk down to Robert’s Western World, then onto Tin Roof and finally Acme.

  • Go to the Frist Art Museum: The Frist is a small art museum with three rotating exhibits. While we were there, we got to see Paris: 1900, a contemporary artist who used metal and fabric to re-create parts of his apartment and Marriage Chests in Renaissance Italy. Check out their upcoming exhibits, including Van Gogh, Monet, Degas and Fried Kahlo.

  • Check out the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Hatch Show Print: Even if you are not a country music lover (like me), the Hall of Fame is something to see, since it has exhibits for everyone. Ditto for the Hatch Show Print, which is the printer that creates all the iconic show posters.


Places to Eat:

Yeast Nashville
  • Biscuit Love: Started as a food truck, this eatery quickly expanded and now has 4 locations throughout Nashville. Check out their made-from-scratch biscuits!

  • Yeast: Never did I think I would get kolache’s in Nashville, but these were delicious! If you don’t know what a kolache is, it’s a pastry with fruit or cheese from the Czech Republic and this place has some great ones. It was super crowded even on a weekday, so get here early! Also, they have breakfast tacos, which sounds strange for a kolache place, but were really good!

  • Edley’s BBQ: There are a few great BBQ spots in Nashville and this is just one of the greats! It was even better heated up the next day….

  • 5 Points Pizza: Crazy busy and crazy good! 5 Points is a neighborhood pizza shop with either NY slices or whole pizzas.

  • Rosepepper Cantina: The big draw at this East Nashville spot is their margaritas, which are insanely strong. The Mexican is fairly mill of the run, but we enjoyed our tacos and enchiladas…especially since we also had two pitchers of margs with friends!

Places to Drink:

Southern Grist
  • Southern Grist Brewing: If you like breweries, check out this East Nashville gem. They are a smaller brewery, but when we were there on a Friday afternoon it was hopping. Check out their New England IPAs or sour beers (if you are into that sort of thing).

  • Robert’s Western World: I am going to go out on a limb and say this is the only place you should go to on Broadway. It’s cheaper than the other places, a little more old Nashville and has a $6 “recession special” consisting of a PBR, fried bologna sandwich and a bag of chips. The coolest honky-tonk on the strip!

  • Acme Feed and Seed: If you friends really want to go somewhere else to hang out on Broadway, Acme is the second best spot. It has a really cool rooftop bar and live music. Also, our Uber drive mentioned the guy who invented Crocs owns it.

  • Urban Cowboy Public House: Hidden away in East Nashville, Urban Cowboay Public House is behind the Urban Cowboy B+B. There’s plenty of room to grab a cocktail and hang by the fire or inside if the weather isn’t cooperating.

  • Mickey’s Tavern: If you end up here, you will most likely be surrounded by all locals. We were lucky enough to be taken here by friends, but I’m not sure we ever would have just stumbled in, as the outside is not much to look at. They have a great jukebox, pool, a tabletop PacMan and tons of Whiskey.

Other Items:

The inside of Urban Cowboy Public House

The inside of Urban Cowboy Public House

  • Nashville’s hotels always seem to be out of control expensive. They are building more hotels, but if you plan to go in the next 6 months, check out either AirBnB (never used it? Here’s a referral code for $30 off) or Urban Cowby B+B for a place to stay.

  • They have Bird and Lime scooters all over the place, so you can get around the neighborhoods fairly quickly. Other than that, an Uber from Broadway to our place in East Nashville was only $10.

Have you been to Nashville? Any spots that we missed? Throw ‘em in the comments!

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