Destination Guide: San Antonio


Have you ever tagged along on a friend or spouse’s business trip?

It’s a great way to see the world! My wife recently was headed to San Antonio in mid January (San Antonio mid 60’s in January, Columbus Ohio either gray, sleeting, or freezing) and because of the weather factor it was an easy decision for me to tag along!

When you go along on a work trip for a friend you often get the chance to explore a new place by yourself (because they are working) which I enjoy doing AND it’s often discounted in some way. We didn’t have to pay for my hotel room because I was staying with my wife and the company was paying for that.

Add in my free points on Southwest and it was a no brainer for me to tag along! I had never been to San Antonio but I have enjoyed my time in Austin, El Paso, and Houston so I thought Texas had a chance to keep up their good travel vibes with me!

In this article I share some of my favorite, and hopefully, more off the beaten path activities I did. After all it’s easy to find out that you should go to the Alamo and the Riverwalk when you are there. But what else??

Join me below in my Destination Guide of San Antonio!


Hashtag 59 San Antonio Eat Tip:
If you stay downtown (we were at one of the major conference hotels) then a quick walk or bike rental takes you to Southtown. Eat at Rosario’s. This is the Mexican food you were hoping to find on the riverwalk but you found Dick’s Den instead :(!


Hashtag 59 Drink Tip:
Have a cocktail at Hotel Emma. Sure you likely can’t afford a room here but this spot is epic. You will feel cast back in time with the live music, wide varieties on the handmade cocktail list, and the ambience of the space (it’s an old brewery they turned into a hotel) that is second to none in the city.


Hashtag 59 Walking Tip:
Explore the city on foot or by bike rental or scooter. They are EVERYWHERE and impossible to not find. When you walk however you get to see the graffiti art up close. This one of Biggie Smalls at Viva Taco Land’s picnic area was just one of several amazing pieces I saw!


Hashtag 59 Tourist Trap Tip:
Still go to the Alamo no matter how many people tell you HAVE to go there and you don’t like to be that person. It’s enjoyable and worth the time. However you should also…


Hashtag 59 Biking Tip:
You should also as I was going to say rent a bike from these folks and head to all of the other Missions that you can see via the Riverwalk. It’s a great half day activity, light workout, and fascinating walk into the history of the missions in this part of the country. The buildings are also amazing to explore and wander around.

You can start from with Mission Concepcion and choose to go see three more missions as you bike the path. I went to three total outside of the Alamo, I was running out of time in the day and didn’t have the chance to go to Mission De La Espada which is the final stop. I recommend picking up the bikes at Blue Star Brewery and coming back there for a beer afterwards.

More Mission pictures.

More Mission pictures.

Another mission pic.

Another mission pic.

And one more for you!

And one more for you!


Hashtag 59 Celebration of Biking to the Missions Tip:
Rack your bike at Blue Star Brewery and come on in for a sud! They also have rentals on-site for other adventures on the biking trails.

Post bike beers are the best!

Post bike beers are the best!


Hashtag 59 Art Tip:
Head over to the non profit art residency called Artpace and check out an exhibit. This was on display from a group of female activists from all over the world. The vision of Artpace is amazing (artists come and live there and work on an exhibit for number of months) and the actual art is outstanding.
While your typical art museum is wonderful this is a nice and fun alternative to experience.

More at Artpace.

More at Artpace.

One more at Artpace…

One more at Artpace…


Hashtag 59 Selfie Tip:
Take it on the riverwalk but miles down from the madness right in the downtown of it. Then you’ll get some of the sun and river and not thousands of people.

San Antonio was a fun town and I enjoyed my time. A shoutout to my yoga studio that was home away from home Southtown Yoga Loft and also to my favorite professional sports team ever: The San Antonio Spurs!
While they were out of town when I was visiting their example of leadership, teamwork, and lack of egos spanning decades has spoken volumes to me as to how I should act as a basketball coach, leader in the world, and overall just as a human being. Their culture has honestly made me a better human.

There were other amazing meals and coffee shops that I missed in here but the point I would like to leave you with is GO EXPLORE! There is so much in the world to see and you never know how you will see it.
I likely would not have paid to go on a trip from Ohio to San Antonio but I got there and LOVED the place.

Don’t pass up on a free adventure and don’t overlook the paid ones either. Travel opens you up and removes stereotypes from our lives. The more you do it the more you will feel it.
Travel makes me happier, healthier, more mindful, and more culturally aware. For that I am grateful to have the opportunity to travel so much.
San Antonio was another great example to me of I don’t know what I don’t know!

What did I miss? What do you have questions on? Put them in the comments.
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Because Adventure Travel Feeds the Soul,
Mike R and the Hashtag 59 Team

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