Where would you go this summer?

Train, plane, automobile, or by foot. Where would you go this summer if given the option?

Train, plane, automobile, or by foot. Where would you go this summer if given the option?

My good buddy and fellow world traveler Jenny asked me the other night when we were having libations “I want to go on a trip this summer, where should I go?” 
What a great question for a travel junkie right?!?!
However to be honest with you I didn’t have a good or clear immediate answer, which I almost always do when a travel question like that is posed. (Yes even a travel blogger blanks on travel ideas and topics from time to time!)
Peru popped in my head of course and I said that but as you can see HERE and HERE I have written enough about that recent trip. I have also spoken with anyone willing to spend more than 30 seconds with me (it’s a small number trust me) over the past several weeks all they needed to know about Peru and that I had the time of my life there. I wanted to do better than Peru for my answer.

Sometimes you just have to pack your bags and GO!

Sometimes you just have to pack your bags and GO!

However her question stuck with me as not only a topic for a post on here and one to give her an answer for but a good question for myself to ponder.

If I had the choice to go on another trip this summer where would I go if money/time were no issue?
Where should you, the reader of this post, go this summer?
Where are places that I have been yearning to go that I haven’t been able to visit yet or have not been to in a long time?

I also tried to compose this list based on the concept of places that are “on the rise” but haven’t become quite over ridden. It’s easy to recommend Paris, New Zealand, Colorado, SE Asia, and Big Sur to people.  I wanted to create a list of places that are epic yet aren’t the ones that come to everyone’s minds when thinking of trips this summer.

Since I know Jenny loves her international travel I focused the majority of the list on that, however I threw in some stateside adventures too.  These are in no specific pecking order in terms of my top to least choices.

Without further ado here’s how I answer her question with more preparation/thought, would answer now to you the reader, and actually consider going myself if I had room for another summer trip in 2019.

Seth B did a blog  HERE  on a trip to Jasper and I might have fallen in love without ever being there.

Seth B did a blog HERE on a trip to Jasper and I might have fallen in love without ever being there.

1. The Canadian Rockies. 
Specifically visiting Jasper National Park and Banff National Park. Why? America’s National Parks get all the hub in the states but just to the north of us our neighbor Canada has some of the most epic terrain and National Parks in the entire world. Taking a serial road trip or train trip (Jenny and I’s mutual friend JoJo just did this trip and reaffirmed my interest in planning a trip here ASAP!) is a great way to explore this remote part of Canada. Then you can day hike and stay in towns like Banff, backpack and try to avoid bear encounters, and just do whatever your heart desires from there when in the region!
The Canadian Rockies feature mountains, glaciers, alpine lakes, deep forests, epic day hiking, pristine kayaking, star gazing, multi-day backpacking, solitude & isolation, amazing wildlife, and what else would you like me to say to convince you to go?


2. Bolivia.
Why? Well this picture I captured was my visit to Bolivia. It’s actually of Lake Titacaca on the Peruvian side but if you look out into the water you can see Bolivia, the lake creates the border between the two countries. I have had several friends visit there and share epic experiences and it’s a place I believe deserves a visit all to its own.

A few highlights of Bolivia include:
-The highest major city in the world. (La Paz at an elevation of close to 12,000 feet.) Imagine spending a few days sleeping on the top of a mountain in Colorado and that’s what you get here.)
-The world’s most dangerous highway.
-Salar de Uyuni. The biggest salt flat in the world stretching over 4,000 square miles.
-A visit to the Inca sites of Isla del Sol and several others while on a boat trip of Lake Titicaca.
-Archaeological ruins at Tiwanku rumored to be over 13,000 years old.

3. Salt Lake City Utah to Jackson Hole Wyoming Road Trip.

Photo Cred:  Seth B

Photo Cred: Seth B

Why? Spend a day or two in the underrated fun city of Salt Lake City before embarking on an epic US Road Trip that takes you through Park City Utah, Logan Canyon, the Snake River Gorge, and even a stop in Garden City for an epic raspberry shake.
Arriving in Jackson Hole only takes about five hours and then you have all the outdoor adventure you could dream of by jumping into the exploration of Grand Tetons National Park and Yellowstone National Park.
What else could you ask for in a 7-14 day lower 48 US Experience?

4. Nepal Hiking Trek. 

Photo cred: Rita V.

Photo cred: Rita V.

Why? I have been yearning to make a visit to Nepal and the Himalayas for several years. In fact when the “boys trip” that we do every year rolls back to my pick of location in four years (I chose this year’s Peru trip) then I am opting for a Nepal Hiking Trek 100%. Sorry for the spoiler alert Greg, Matt, and Marc who are my boys trip companions.
Plus my friend and resident Hashtag 59 contributor Rita V just went and had this to say about her experience when hiking there in April.

5. The Big Island, Hawaii.

Photo Cred: Holly B. Read more about  her recent trip HERE  on our site.

Photo Cred: Holly B. Read more about her recent trip HERE on our site.

Why? Well first of all Hawaii is not underrated. Due to its price and the fact that it is one of the 50 US States (those intimidated by international travel can visit here with peace of mind) Hawaii is a very popular tourist destination.
HOWEVER compared to the other islands I believe “The Big Island” gets little to no pub.
The big Island contains 8 of 13 different climate zones in the world, each with unique ecosystems. These ecosystems range from tropical dry forest to subalpine grasslands, from snowy alpine deserts to brackish anchialine pools, and from subterranean lava tube systems with eyeless creatures to windswept coastal dunes. Plus Kona Brewing Company is located on the Big Island as is Volcano National Park. And you know we love our National Parks here at Hashtag 59!
On my next visit to Hawaii a trip to the Big Island will be the mainstay feature of the trip.

Come to think of it now that I have made this list I think I want to figure out a way to squeeze one of these in this summer, the travel bug is real ya’ll!

Thanks for reading and being a part of our community!
Where else are you going this summer? What do you think about this list? Comment below.

Because Adventure Travel Feeds the Soul,
Mike R and the Hashtag 59 Team