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What's up Hashtag 59!  Mike R back here with a special Adventure Destination Q&A blog this Wednesday.
I interviewed my friend Ian whose family puts on this incredible bike event every November called Frosty Cross.  It's a true one of a kind Adventure Travel experience, I have competed once and twice got the opportunity to cheer everyone on as a spectator!
I love the workout, vibe, and energy surrounding this event, I wish I could be there every year but I live 15 hours away!

If you are looking to invade America's Heartland in mid-November and you like to bike...then mark your calendar for November 2018 and get a little taste below of what this awesome event is all about!  
Below is me and Ian's Q& cred to them for all the awesome pics!

What and where is Frosty Cross?

Frosty Cross is an annual cyclocross race held in Le Mars, IA, hosted by Bike Central.  

How do you sign up and compete?

You can register for the race via  Cyclocross is a sort of hybrid between road cycling and mountain biking, where riders race laps around a course that includes grass fields, sand, mud, and multiple obstacles.  Typical obstacles are stairs, barriers, and logs, which require the riders to dismount, run, and remount their bikes.  Depending on ability levels, races can last from 30 minutes to 1 hour.  Cyclocross is a Fall sport, so inclement weather usually plays a factor in the racing.

Be ready to hit the brakes!

Be ready to hit the brakes!

Sand, mud, just be ready for anything!

Sand, mud, just be ready for anything!

Who is it for and why should someone compete?

Cyclocross is for everyone!  Frosty Cross has juniors races with boys and girls from ages 10-18.  We also have 5 different ability categories for men and women of all ages and race levels, so there are races for everyone.  It's a great way to have fun, compete, and stay healthy and active


How many years has Frosty Cross been happening?

Frosty Cross is in its 7th year.  It has grown every year.  Had our biggest field of racers this year with riders from all over Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Minnesota.


What makes Frosty Cross a truly unique adventure destination experience?

We have a great race course at the LeMars Municipal Park that features a sand, steep uphill and downhill sections, stairs, and a flyover.  The course is also very spectator friendly, allowing for great views of the course and racing.  Another unique aspect of Frosty Cross is our post race party at the Bike Central bike shop.  We invite all the racers down to the shop for refreshments and a chance to relax and converse.  Oh and LeMars is the Ice Cream Capital of the World so that's a pretty cool add on to say that you have been there!

Hashtag59 Creator Mike R took a huge spill his first time trying to get up the ramp.  But he got back up and gave it another go and nailed it!

Hashtag59 Creator Mike R took a huge spill his first time trying to get up the ramp.  But he got back up and gave it another go and nailed it!


What's the craziest thing that you have seen happen at Frosty Cross?

Riders bunny hopping barriers on their bikes in 3 inches of snow.

Frosty Cross is for everybody!

Frosty Cross is for everybody!

Special thanks to Ian and Bike Central for the pictures and great interview.  Join us in 2018 for Frosty Cross and if you are looking for awesome bike gear check out Bike Central's Shop HERE!

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Because Adventure Feeds the Soul,
Mike R and the Hashtag 59 Team